Try to stay calm: Ruby Rose is definitely, maybe, returning to your TV screen.

It’s the role that made Aussie model, TV host and actor Ruby Rose into a household name: Piper Chapman’s love interest Stella Carlin in season three of Netflix hit Orange Is The New Black.

And while she only made an appearance in one episode of season four, little birdies say the 31-year-old actor is set to return in the show’s latest season.

Ruby Rose OITNB
Ruby made a splash as Stella on the popular Netflix show. Image via Netflix.

We know. We hardly needed another reason to look forward to June 9, but HERE IT IS.

According to the Daily Telegraph, "spies on the set" say Rose and her controversial character will make an appearance in season five.

"She's back together with all the girls on the show," an 'insider' on the set told Confidential.

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Netflix has, as yet, refused to confirm whether Ruby would in fact be back, with the actor herself saying last year her return to the show "could go either way".


Just last week, the first trailer for the show's fifth season was released. Noticeably absent? Rose and her character Stella.

Ruby Rose OITNB season 4
The last time we saw Ruby's character, she was still in Maximum Security. Image via Netflix.

But with the intense season set to take place in just three days, beginning with the fall-out from a prison riot, and with Stella currently holed up in Maximum Security nearby, anything is possible.

The former model - who is dating The Veronica's singer Jess Origliasso - experienced a meteoric rise to success due to her breakout role on the US show.

She has starred in three movies since, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, xXx: Return of Xander Cage and John Wick: Chapter 2 , and is currently filming the third instalment of Pitch Perfect.

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