Ruby Rose and The Veronicas' Jess have already got matching couple tattoos.

Just when you thought the budding relationship between Ruby Rose and Jess Origliasso couldn’t get any bloody cuter, the pair has revealed they recently got matching tattoos.

“It was just before we started filming, we’d just got to the point where we were starting to fall completely back in love with each other,” 31-year old Jess told News Corp.

“So we thought we’d get each others’ initials and Ruby said, ‘I’m getting your name, not your initials’. So I got her name too. We’re both crazy about each other.”

Ruby and Jess on the set of 'On Your Side'. Source: Instagram.

While Ruby and Jess dated briefly eight years ago, it wasn't until 30-year-old DJ and actress Ruby directed the video clip for Jess' band, The Veronicas, latest single On Your Side that the two reconnected.

In the video, Ruby and Jess are seen falling in love and living out a turbulent relationship.

“We wrote it, then we lived it,” Jess said jokingly. “People are literally seeing us fall in love on screen. It’s captured forever.”

ruby rose jess origliasso tattoos
Jess and Ruby in 'On Your Side.' Source: Youtube.

Footage of the two adding to their already enviable tattoo collections was eventually cut from the clip.

Watching from the sidelines was Jess' sister Lisa, who makes up the other half of The Veronicas. And incredibly, she says, she had a front row view of the romance unfolding.

“I could see it from the sidelines, I saw the whole picture. I knew it was something," Lisa shared.

"It always has been something. The universe conspires to find the perfect time for two people to reconnect. It really was destiny; I don’t know how else to put it. Schedules match up, people reach out and you’re at a time in your lives where you want the same things.”

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Both of the sisters have been vocal on the topic of marriage equality as well.

“I’m at an age now where I’d like to settle down, I want to have children. I like the romantic idea of that. All my closest friends are gay. All of them. None of my best friends can get married, not a single one. It was already personal, but now I’m dating Ruby it’s obviously now incredibly personal," Jess said.

The singer added, “We’re seeing marriage equality dropped off from being a priority, and it’s not even something that Malcolm Turnbull is considering, I feel emotional rage over it. It really feels like we’re taking a step backwards. It’s incredibly hard to comprehend. It’s only inspired us to want to speak out louder, campaign harder and be a bigger voice.”