Ruby Rose named GQ Woman of the Year.

Ruby Rose was named GQ’s Woman of the Year at its annual Men of The Year Awards last night.

But speaking to news.com.au at the event, the 29-year-old talked about feeling that she “needed to leave” Australia because she felt everyone was sick of her.

She said she felt she’d done everything in Australia that she could. “I think maybe in that regard I should have done things differently in my career because I was everywhere, but at the same time, when you’re getting those opportunities and that’s your dream to do that job, it’s really hard to say no, so my relationship when I left was like ‘oh my god, they hate me’”.

Ruby Rose GQ awards
Ruby Rose with her mum Katia Langenheim. Source: Getty Images

Rose said it took huge success in the U.S for her role on Orange is the New Black to make her feel comfortable in Australia again: “Because we wait as a country, we wait for them to make it big overseas and I don’t necessarily agree with that. So yes, as soon as I got Orange (Is The New Black), and as soon as America kind of embraced me, I’ve had this huge resurgence in Australia and I love that and I love people loving me here again, because it’s been a tumultuous ride.”


Although Rose acknowledged that Australia is “my country and I was born here and this is where my heart is” she reiterated that she felt “I have to leave, I had to leave.”

Ruby Rose in Orange is the New Black (post continues after video):

Video via Netflix

Rose won Woman of the Year at the GQ Awards and attended with her fiancée Phoebe Dahl.

Dahl told news.com.au that she was loving her trip to Australia with Rose, “I love it, I love it, I really love it. I love being able to come back and see where Ruby is from and see her heritage.”

Other winners on the night included Michael Clarke for Sporting Legend, David Pocock for Man of Chivalry, Mick Fanning for Sportsman of the Year, Ryan Corr for Breakthrough Actor and Waleed Aly for Media Personality of the Year.

Rose will be starring in movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in 2017.