FLUFF: Ruby Rose gets engaged, has vial of blood to prove it.








Australian DJ / model / celebrity known for being a celebrity Ruby Rose has announced that she’s engaged.

Ruby took to Twitter to announce her engagement to Phoebe Dahl who is best known for her real life role as Roald Dahl‘s granddaughter.

Dahl is CEO of Faircloth clothing, an organisation that provides two school uniforms for girls in Nepal for every item of clothing the Fashion Designer sells.

According to Instagram, the two have been in love for quite a while and each think the other is pretty special. See below photo as adorable, snuggly proof.

Ruby Rose with Phoebe Dahl.

This is Ruby’s second engagement to a very pretty woman, with supermodel Catherine McNeil being rumoured to have been engaged to Rose before calling it off in July 2010.

This time it’s the real deal though.

Should anyone doubt their true love, here’s Ruby’s post with a vial of her blood around her neck.

See, we told you.

And so, with this Angelina Jolie In Her Dark Days move, Ruby seals the deal on her love.

Congratulations Ruby and Phoebe, you excessively attractive pair.

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