Ruby Rose has a whole closet (yes, really) dedicated to beauty products. Here's what's inside.

Forget a beauty cabinet, Ruby Rose has a whole CLOSET for her lotions and potions.

Even better, she’s just given a tour of said closet and shared the hair, skin and makeup products she swears by.

The actress revealed all her beauty secrets in an interview for the New York Times.

Fresh outta the shower. So fresh and so clean.

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“The truth is, I have a whole closet dedicated to my skin and hair care. I consider this all self-care. I don’t really think about it as “beauty.” I really enjoy the process,” she said.


We concur. Don’t you know a face mask can fix any problem? Speaking of face masks, Rose is as obsessed as we are.

“If I’m doing a mask, I have the Mahalo Petal mask (about $125), which is hydrating. It’s good for red carpets and things like that,” she said.

Dreaming of those days I wasn’t in the great Gatsby.

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She also enjoys a charcoal mask from Odacité (about $78) and loves sheet masks, using a combination of cheapies and exxy ones.

Proving she’s all about the high and low, the Pitch Perfect 3 actress swears by coconut oil for, well, everything, and washes her face with nothing but organic coconut oil in the shower.


L.A you are ????

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Her fave? Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, $33, which she uses as a hair mask and eye makeup remover as well. Oh and she has a spoonful every day too.

As the face of Urban Decay, Rose swears by their One & Done Foundation, $52, and Troublemaker mascara, $36.

When she’s not working, her magic trick is a little eye shadow on her lips. Yes – eye shadow.

“I do a tiny bit of eye shadow on my lips – my favorite palette is the Naked 1,$83, which are bronzes, golds and neutrals — and then lip balm,” she said.


If you were jealous about the beauty cabinet, prefer to get even more so – Rose also has a “fragrance cabinet”. It contains Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino Forte, $420, which reminds her of a trip she took to Ibiza.

Also in her perfume closet, Lubin’s Upper Ten, $299; which she describes as “old lady’s perfume” and another favourite, Escentric Molecules.

As for her hair, Rose says in a dream world her hair is Leonardo DiCaprio circa Romeo and Juliet. She’s a few centimetres away from that, and it’s a little fried after being dyed for movie roles, she says.

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I take my pillow everywhere so I can nap on floors because I’m 8.

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Helping fix that is coconut-scented Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment, $24.95, created by her friend, Joey Scandizzo, and full of natural ingredients. For no-wash days, she favours, R & Co Dry Shampoo Paste, $46, but says that, “it’s literally like I paid for a bottle of dirt.”

Our head is spinning. We need All. The. Things.