Benita Litt's daughters are the bridesmaids at the Royal Wedding. So, who is she?

The bridesmaids and page boys of the Royal Wedding were officially announced by the Kensington Palace a few days ago and there were a couple of names we didn’t recognise: Remi, 6, and Ryan Litt, 7.

Meghan Markle is the godmother of the two girls, who are the daughters of Benita Litt and Darren Litt. So of course, we were left intrigued as to who exactly is Benita Litt and what is her relationship with the future royal?

We’ve done some research and here is everything you need to know about one of Meghan Markle’s oldest and best friends.

Benita Litt was an entertainment lawyer before founding Legend of Lido, a fashion brand that sells travel-inspired carryalls. Her website states: “Every bag is designed from an exotic, one-of-a-kind print inspired by the world’s vibrant colors and whimsical essence.”

Markle was spotted donning one of the beautiful bags early last year, which Litt posted to her company’s Instagram page…

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The year before Meghan Markle spent her Christmas with The Queen, she spent it with Benita’s family. At the time she posted on her now-deleted Instagram account a photo of her with their family, captioning: “Tree trimming bliss with my favorites. Love you @benitalitt (& D) @heatherdorak + my fairy god-daughters”.

royal wedding benita litt meghan markle friend
Image via Instagram.

Like Meghan, Benita is a humanitarian. She is a board member for the Wayfarer Foundation, which is a non-for-profit organisation that supports charitable programs that are inspired by content produced by Wayfarer Entertainment. They focus primarily on homelessness and rare and life-threatening diseases.

She also has a business with her husband, called hiya, which sells healthy kids vitamins with 100% fresh ingredients.

Benita says she loves to travel, and in 2016 the best friends went to Spain together with another one of their close friends, Misha Nonoo.

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So evidently Benita Litt is super close with the royal-to-be and we can't wait to see her little girls accompany Meghan Markle down the aisle on Saturday.

royal wedding benita litt meghan markle friend
Image via Instagram.
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