5 gift ideas for Meghan Markle to give the Queen this Christmas.

Amongst the plethora of unnecessary and absurd rules Meghan Markle is rumoured to have to follow as a member of the royal family, this one is oddly… funny?

When it comes to Christmas, it’s easy to picture the royals involved in a polite exchange of pearl earrings and expensive jewels, followed by a wild session of tea, scones and light conversation about the currently unruly political climate. But it turns out, the royal family aren’t as predictable as imagined.

Firstly, they exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, not on Christmas morning, as per tradition. They then lay out all the presents on a table at the Queen’s estate in Sandringham after tea time, and open their presents in front of each other.

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But here’s the best part: The royal family gifts each other joke presents only, because when we think about the Queen and co, we think… fun.

According to royal expert and biographer Brian Hoey, Prince Harry once gave the Queen a shower cap that had, “Ain’t Life a B****” printed on it. Apparently, she loved it.

But for Meghan, it’s very awkward to have to come up with a ‘joke’ present for your first Christmas with the in-laws.

So we’ve come up with our very best ideas for what Meghan Markle could gift the Queen. Ahem:

1. A box-set of The Crown.

claire foy the crown
Image via Netflix.

2. Socks with the royal corgi's faces printed on them.

3. A handmade scrapbook of Prince Philip's greatest racist gaffes, affectionately titled, 'Oh, Philip.'

4. Like a Queen by Constance Hall (not because the book is a joke, the book is excellent. But because the Queen is, well, the Queen).

Image via Amazon.

5. A goon bag.

When you think about it, the rule makes sense. The royals have virtually everything, which would make gift-giving an almost impossible task. The idea of exchanging more personal, tailored gifts with a hint of humour is a refreshing yet peculiar image, honestly.

Apparently before Meghan and Prince Harry got together, Kate Middleton gifted Harry a “Grow Your Own Girlfriend” kit, says author Katie Nicholl. It looks like it worked, Kate. Job well done.

Hopefully we've helped in Meghan's pursuit of the perfect gift.

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