Friday's news in under 2 minutes.

Princess Kate and Prince William





1. Journalists in the UK who are waiting for the birth of the royal baby are starting to believe they may be camped outside the wrong hospital. The press have reportedly been waiting outside London’s St Mary’s Hospital for more than two weeks, but now there’s a belief that Princess Kate might give birth at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, which is close to her parents’ house.

2. Video footage of Kristi Abrahams admitting to killing her 6-year-old daughter Kiesha has been released. In the video, 30-year-old Abrahams tells an undercover police officer: “No way mate, I don’t wanna go [to jail] …I don’t wanna lose my family.” She reportedly begs the officer to help stop her from getting caught.

Yesterday, Abrahams was sentenced to 22 and a half years jail for the murder of Kiesha Weippeart.

3. NRL player Ben Te’o has been cleared of assault allegations against Brisbane woman Katie Lewis. However, Lewis has said she will not let the matter rest. It is understand that she tried to strike Te’o with a stiletto shoe, and then he hit her back in self defence. Police have said: “We’ve closed that particular investigation and we’ve determined that no further action will be taken in relation to the matter.”

4. The six Australians who have been ordered to appear in a Peru court are hoping that new evidence will help clear them of any wrongdoing. The friends – Jessica Vo, brothers Hugh and Tom Hanlon, Harrison Geier, Andrew Pilat and Sam Smith – were staying in a Lima apartment block in January 2012 when the body of the hotel’s doorman was found on the street. Lino Rodriguez Vilchez’s death was initially deemed to be suicide, but the six were later named as possible suspects.

The Peru Six

A report on last night’s 7:30 program heard from a forensic investigator who believes the Peruvian police theory that the Australians threw the doorman from their apartment would be almost impossible given the apartment layout.

5. The Daily Mail has reported that director of the online shopping destination ASOS – Kate Bostock, aged 56 – has quit her job after only 7 months. Founder Nick Robertson said of Bostock’s departure: “Strategy wasn’t the issue. It was more about cultural fit and time of life.” Her resignation has created a discussion about ageism and discrimination.

6. Twenty Indian schoolchildren have died after eating a lunch provided by the government, which has sparked riots in the streets in the Saran district. Bihar’s education minister PK Shahi said that, “The incident smacks of a political conspiracy. The police may get vital leads once the principal is arrested.” The children were killed by the oil used to cook the food, which was reportedly contaminated with agricultural pesticide.

7. A Queensland man has died after he competed in a chilli pie eating competition on State of Origin night. The 64-year-old man reportedly choked on the pie and was rushed to a Townsville hospital but died soon after arrival.