It's official. The royal baby is on its way.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have arrived at the hospital.

It’s official. The royal baby is coming.

The Palace has announced that the Duchess of Cambridge – also known as Kate Middleton – has arrived at the hospital where the royal baby will be born.

This from the website of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge:

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge has been admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London in the early stages of labour.

The Duchess travelled by car from Kensington Palace to the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital with The Duke of Cambridge.

Papparazzi have been camped outside the private Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in London for weeks now.

St Mary’s is also where Prince William and Prince Harry were born to the late Princess Diana.

The world is very, very excited to meet the future heir to the British throne.

After tying the knot in an epic April ceremony in 2011, the Duke and Duchess were forced to let the world in on their big baby secret when Kate was admitted to hospital for severe morning sickness in December last year.

No further news as yet, but DON’T PANIC! Here’s a royal gallery to tide you over:

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