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In an instant Roxy Jacenko's worst fears were realised.

Oliver Curtis was this morning sentenced to two years in jail, with a minimum of one year before parole, for insider trading.

As the sentencing judge announced Curtis’ punishment, both he and his wife, public relations mogul Roxy Jacenko, wept.

With tears running down his face, the 30-year-old father of two handed over his wedding ring, watch, belt and tie, before embracing Jacenko for one final kiss.

Jacenko then watched on as her husband of four years was lead from the courtroom, marking the beginning of their new separate lives.

The Sweaty Betty founder pushed through the media pack on her way out, before climbing into her black Range Rover and driving straight to her Double Bay office.

Video via Channel 7

Curtis’s sentence comes three weeks after he was convicted of conspiracy to commit insider trading.

The stock broker had acted on confidential company information provided by his friend Josh Hartman, illegally netting more than $1.43 million in the process.


In a passionate letter tendered to the court ahead of Curtis’ sentencing, Jacenko said her husband’s offence was completely out of character.

“There has never been a moment that I have had any doubt about his integrity or morals,” she wrote. “Oli is a kind, considerate, honest and reliable man.”

Describing him as the primary caregiver in their household, Jacenko said their two children suffer in his absence.

“Like in most families, when Oli is away Pixie and Hunter both miss him badly, and can struggle with eating and sleeping while they’re unsettled.”

During this morning’s sentencing, Justice Lucy McCallum conceded that Curtis had received “more than his share of bad press”, much of which was spurred by his wife’s high profile.

However, she rejected his barrister’s claims that the immense negative publicity should be reflected in his sentence.

“He is not to be equated with his wife in this context,” Justice McCallum said.

As she left the court, Jacenko refused to comment, leaving quickly and quietly flanked by her security team.