Roxy Jacenko shares heartbreaking first photo since husband went to jail.

When Roxy Jacenko‘s husband Oliver Curtis was sentenced to two years in jail for insider trading last Friday, all eyes were on Jacenko’s next move.

Known as a passionate businesswoman and impossibly hard worker, we wondered whether the 36-year-old mum of two would be able to come back from such a hard blow.

Not long after the sentencing, her business Instagram account announced a sale on Pixie’s Bows. It looked like it was straight back to work for the owner and director of PR agency, Sweaty Betty.

But in an Instagram post shared earlier today, Jacenko is pictured with her and Curtis’ two children, Pixie, 4, and Hunter, 2.


The caption reads, ‘The bravest, most caring two people I know. @huntercurtis14 @pixiecurtis – proud of what wonderful and kind little people you are.’

It’s a rare sentimental moment for Jacenko, whose hard-headedness has earned her a strong reputation in the Australian media.

In the photo, she’s also dressed down in a pair of jeans and a jumper, rather than the typical designer pieces she appears to wear day-to-day.

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The photo comes a week after Jacenko’s written statement to NSW Supreme Court Justice Lucy McCallum was released, which said that Curtis was the “primary caregiver” of the couple’s two children.

“When I met Oli he was 24, but mature beyond his years,” she wrote.

“He is a loving husband and a wonderful father to our children. The Oli I know is reliable, honest and hardworking. He is very dedicated to our family and always willing to forego social opportunities with friends to be with Pixie and Hunter in order to allow me to do the work that I do. Oli has been a strong and supportive partner to me since we met…”

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