Fluff: Which celebrity mum has given her 24-day-old baby an Instagram account?

Roxy, Hunter and Pixie

Hunter Curtis could potentially be the youngest person ever to join Instagram.

The 24 day old baby, and son of PR powehouse Roxy Jacenko, ‘signed up’ to the photo-sharing network yesterday afternoon – and already has 2,279 followers. Which is kind of a lot for a little guy who can’t even walk yet – let alone type.

Roxy and her husband Oliver Curtis welcomed little Hunter into the world on the 6th of May

While he’s hasn’t posted any photos yet it’s safe to say that when he does, they’ll be liked by many. Hunter has a pretty good mentor in his two-year-old sister, Pixie, who has an Instagram account with over 12,000 followers, and gets paid $200 a post.

When speaking to Mamamia in March about Pixie’s Instagram account and whether or not she thought Pixie would like it when she gets older,  Roxy said that:

I don’t think I would worry about it either way – if Pixie doesn’t like it as she gets older, she can delete it at anytime. What I do know though is that when she is in a position whereby she has money in the bank to use wisely, be it for property or travel, or to perhaps start her own business, I am sure she will be very thankful that she had a headstart! @pixiecurtis was started for fun to share with friends and family. A quest for profile raising wasn’t the reason why it started. And certainly not something a two-year-old would think would even occur!

Read more of what Roxy had to say here.

Here’s Hunter’s big sis Pixie doing her thing on her own account:

Do you think Hunter is too young for an Instagram account or is it just a bit of fun?