Women are removing their hair extensions and embracing the 'Shob'

 The reign of ridiculously long hair (and hair extensions) may finally be over, if Roxy Jacenko‘s newest ‘haircut’ is anything to go by.

The PR guru’s hair extensions are gone and in their place is a shorter, fresher look: the Shob, a shoulder-length bob that looks immediately more modern.

Island ???? hair >> ✈️ and a pair of little Hunty’s briefs as a backdrop ????

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“Short hair is a thing,” she captioned an in-salon snap posted on Instagram.

Image: Instagram/@roxyjacenko

Jacenko visited hairstylist and salon owner Jake Oba at Wilson Marz in Paddington, Sydney to remove the extensions she's been wearing this year. Here's what they looked like before:



Her new shoulder-grazing Shob is a marked departure from her long and extension-filled style she's had recently and heralds the return of the long, shoulder-length bob, which seemed to be on just about every celebrity head circa 2015. (Post continues after gallery.)

What goes up must come down though, and the last year we've seen almost-waist length hair (overwhelmingly created with extensions) dominate instead, spearheaded by people like Kim Kardashian.


An exclusive trend (not only is long hair time consuming, it can be incredibly expensive to have and upkeep), the shorter hair is not only more accessible but good news for anyone who's hair seems to growing at a snail's pace.

Welcome back lob, we've missed you.