Roxy Jacenko sends Oliver Curtis heartbreaking message as he spends first birthday in jail.

As their dad spends his first birthday behind bars, Pixie and Hunter Curtis aren’t letting distance or a lack of communication get in the way of their ability to sing Oliver Curtis a birthday tune.

Posting on her Instagram this morning, PR mogul Roxy Jacenko wished her husband a very happy birthday in the way of her children singing, and it’s as cute and disorganised as you’d imagine, featuring a guest appearance by an unnamed doll and a pair of miniature doll shoes for good measure.

It’s been a little over a month since Curtis was jailed for insider trading, leaving Jacenko to run her widely successful PR business and look after their two toddler-aged children alone.


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It’s a surprisingly grounded and simple way of acknowledging Curtis’ birthday in what is perhaps a far from grounded and simple scenario, with the video characterised by Jacenko’ s very firm “GO!” at the start, launching her two kids into song.


“Unlikely you will get this but you might hear about it,” she captioned the video, hoping that by way of her thousands of followers word might reach her husband.

All eyes have been on Jacenko since her husband’s high-profile court case and subsequent sentencing, after he was sentenced to two years jail in June.


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Too add to existing pressure, early last month Jacenko announced she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, just weeks after her husband went to jail.

“What I have experienced in the past three weeks is the most shocking thing I have ever experienced. I don’t think there is anything that could shock me more now,” she said of her diagnosis.

Since both the diagnosis and the sentencing, Jacenko’s Instagram feed has been littered with images of her and her two kids as she took on the primary carer role of both of them.