Roxy Jacenko's new nose walked the red carpet last night.

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.”


Roxy Jacenko – PR guru, CEO of Sweaty Betty PR, author and mother of insta-famous children – got a nose job a few weeks ago, in case you didn’t know already.

But last night, at the premiere of Disney Pixar film Inside Out (which stars the delightfully hilarious Amy Poehler) Roxy walked the red carpet sans bandages.

Her nose hasn’t stopped swelling, she says. But it looks pretty damn great. Although, her original nose looked great too.

Note to self. Pulling a turtle neck over your broken face is not such a smart idea. Ouch!

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“There is at least two more months [of healing time]… It’s quite swollen,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“I was meant to be flat on my back or at a 45 degree angle for two weeks but I had to go back to work and that’s why my swelling is much worse than it’s meant to be.

“Every time I look in the mirror I think, “This is really random” because I had such a big nose!”

Roxy took her three-year-old daughter, Pixie, and Pixie’s friend Xavier to the movie premiere, where Amy Poehler was in attendance.

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Mamamia previously wrote… 

Roxy Jacenko took to Instagram to post a pretty graphic selfie of her bandages, confirming that she underwent surgery last week to get a nose job.

Jacenko, 34, told Daily Mail Australia that it’s something she wanted to do for a long time.

“I haven’t breathed through my nose in as long as I can remember and have never had the time to get it sorted out, so was time to get it fixed to make sleeping easier,” she said.


“And whilst I was there, make it a little smaller and remove quite a bump that I had!”

Roxy’s old nose and her new, bandaged nose. Images via Instagram.

The bandages first appeared on her daughter’s Instagram account. Jacenko captioned a photo of herself with her children Pixie and Hunter Curtis and explained the bandages.

“We were starting to wonder why she had been so quiet for the past few days. In her room in the dark and not tidying up after she has already tidied up. Well, something’s up. She’s come home. Two black eyes and a big funny bandaid thingy on her nose and doing a lot of oohing and ahhhhhing. Wait till dad finds out what she’s done whilst he is busy in China. Oh my oh my. Trouble is coming. Poor @huntercurtis14 just keeps laughing and shaking his head at her and covering his little peepers and me, well, I am trying to work out strategy on how my supply chain for #pixiesbows can avoid delays due to her inability to bend down repetitiously and how an earth ill negotiate her out of being grounded when Dad comes home.”

As she explained to Mamamia’s health and beauty site, The GlowRoxy’s children are having very different reactions to their mum’s bruised and bandaged face.

“Hunter laughs and shakes his head non-stop – how a one-year-old could possibly realise it was self-inflicted is beyond me – or he may just think I look plain ridiculous,” Jacenko says.

“And Pixie, well she’s very 2015 and asks when I plan to have a spray tan as I am looking “berrry berry white” — obviously I am not communicating to the children that plastic surgery isn’t required, moreso a quick opportunity to help me breathe better so I can get a good night’s sleep!”

Roxy  also told The Glow that her recovery from the procedure has been far from smooth sailing.

“The first three days was, without question, probably the worst discomfort I have ever experienced — and I have a high pain threshold (well, I think I do) … Today is the first day I don’t feel like my head is about to explode,” she says.

“Off work time is two weeks, however I was back yesterday following surgery on Thursday. It’s not exactly a pretty sight, but as long as I can still type, be creative and read, I can be at work — ultimately I have a ‘desk’ job most of the time.”

Click through the gallery below for more photos of Roxy and her family.

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