Why no one has a right to comment on Roxy Jacenko's nose job.

It’s her body, her choice.

Australian businesswoman and owner and director of public relations firm, Sweaty Betty PR, Roxy Jacenko has been missing from our social media worlds recently. Usually known for her constant public updates and for posting many photos on her daughter, Pixie Curtis‘ Instagram account, the Aussie personality has been MIA.

And now we know why.

Today, Jacenko posted a photo on both her daughter’s and her own Instagram account donning two black eyes and a bandage on her nose. Speculations quickly erupted about a nose job, and they turned out to be right.

Jacenko's current new look. Image via @roxyjacenko Instagram.

This photo was uploaded to the 34-year-old's Instagram account with the caption, "Seems appropriate that I went for earthy tones for today's ensemble! Match your face with your scarf kinda thing. Ha!"

Many of Jacenko's fans embraced her new look and said she was brave for letting the world know about her choice, others unfortunately were not so supportive.

There were comments like these:

These comments are unnecessary. Because no one knows the reason behind the surgery.

But I know because I've been there.

When I was younger I used to play hockey - I was a rep player and trained and played most days of the week. During a game on a freezing cold Canberra morning I was whacked square in the face - I still can't remember if it was from a stick or a ball - the details are hazy. But I remember the thump, the sound, the immediate pain and the taste of blood. I was in high school.

The swelling and bruising came and went, but my nose never looked the same. It was crooked, I couldn't breathe out of it properly and it made me drool really badly when I slept at night. I hated my profile, I would try to avoid anyone looking at me from the side at all costs. I hated the big crooked mess in the middle of my face.

So I went to the doctor and told her about what had happened, about how I couldn't breathe properly out of my nose and about how it had been broken once. After numerous scans and x-rays, she told me it needed to be fixed because I would have a whole lot of breathing problems in the future if I didn't.

Jacenko with two black eyes and her two kids. Image via @pixiecurtis Instagram.

And that was it - I got my broken nose fixed. While they were clearing my airways, they straightened it. After my rhinoplasty, I looked different. I could also BREATHE. No more drooling on my pillow every night and no more crooked mess on my face. I was happy.

Jacenko had the same problem. "I haven't breathed through my nose in as long as I can remember and have never had the time to get it sorted out, so was time to get it fixed to make sleeping easier," she told Daily Mail Australia. "And whilst I was there, make it a little smaller and remove quite a bump that I had!"

And you know what. I would've had my surgery even if it hadn't straightened my nose - that part was just a bonus. But after it happened, my entire mind-frame changed. My confidence lifted. I no longer put two mirrors up to my face to internally vomit at the look of my profile.

Yes, it's a first world problem and yes, it's vain but if Roxy Jacenko has decided she will feel like a better person for having a new nose (and for being able to breathe) then good on her. She's in the public eye all the time. While she was always gorgeous and her nose was beautiful, if she wants to change it she should be allowed without judgement and without criticism.

I'd liken it to braces - how many people in their awkward teen years had braces for medical AND aesthetic reasons? Think about it - if your straight pearly whites aren't natural then you're no different.

Plus it's her nose, her rules, her choice. I'm excited to see the final result.

What do you think about nose jobs and women's insecurities?

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