Inside Roxy Jacenko's very complicated family situation.

PR maven Roxy Jacenko is no stranger to a bit of family drama.

Speaking with Mail Online on Saturday, the mother-of-two shared that she has no interest in reconnecting with her estranged father Nick, who she hasn’t spoken to in years.

But is there even a tiny sliver of hope for a sunny reunion between the two? “Not. A. Chance.”

“How he has treated my mother after 30 years of her dedication to our family and their business endeavours coupled with the fact he hasn’t even attempted to meet my son, Hunter, or enquire when I got cancer [explains why],” she told the tabloid.

At the launch of her new Roxy Tan line on Friday, she told Sydney Morning Herald: “I think what is going on is totally unacceptable from a father. A father is supposed to back you and build you and support you, but he didn’t do that for me. He found someone else and he moved on, which is all well and good but you also have to remember what you had no matter whether they are [aged] 37 or three. Your kid is still your kid.”

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Roxy’s falling out with her dad has been well documented after her parents’ 38-year marriage disintegrated in 2011 and Nick soon became engaged to former fashion designer Lisa Ho. Particularly eyebrow-raising tidbits include a bizarre report that a violent verbal and physical stoush broke out on a Sydney street between the publicist and her father in May 2016.

Roxy denied any wrongdoing. A police investigation into the incident resulted in no charges.

“There is no basis for these allegations. I can only attribute such comments to a sad quest for public notoriety by my father Nick Jacenko and Lisa Ho,” she told Mail Online at the time.

The relationship between Roxy and her sister Ruby Davis is equally muddy.

Listen: Roxy Jacenko took one of her children to visit their father in prison, but not the other. She explains why to Mia Freedman, on No Filter. Post continues after audio.

The sisters have had quite the journey in the public eye, including but not limited to police filing a temporary AVO application against Ruby on behalf of Roxy in 2008. Reportedly, the legal action came about after an incident at a Kings Cross nightclub, where Ruby allegedly punched Roxy twice. The AVO was never pursued.

The pair have failed to truly patch things up since.

In this case, though, the 37-year-old does hope for a reconciliation.

“I would like to resurrect my relationship with my sister Ruby for my mother and for me as I’m getting older and it would be nice to have a family member,” the entrepreneur told News Corp.

Just another headline-filled day in the life of Australia’s PR queen, right?