Roxy Jacenko confirms she was in a relationship with her ex while her husband was in prison.

Guys, the moment we’ve all been waiting for with bated breath has finally arrived.

You can finally walk away from the water cooler and resume your normal lives. A woman in the public eye has admitted she’s human and she made a brief mistake.

Roxy Jacenko has confirmed that she did have a relationship with her ex, Nabil Gazal Jr, while her husband, Oliver Curtis, was in jail.

Speaking to The Saturday TelegraphJacenko confirmed she had a relationship with the millionaire over several months and he helped her get through the “toughest time of her life”.

“He was someone who was familiar to me. I was in a very bad place. Yes, we were together. You have to remember, my husband went to jail, my marriage was not intact, I had breast cancer and a friend, at the time, reached out,” she told the publication.

“I was in my most vulnerable state. It was the toughest time of my life. He was the one who reached out to me.”

The Sweaty Betty founder spent several nights a week with Gazal while Curtis was in jail. The pair ended their relationship just days before Curtis was released from Cooma Prison in June this year.

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According to The Saturday Telegraph, Jacenko and Gazal had a “huge fight” and Jacenko returned the heart-shaped ring he had given her.

“Everything which happened has made me realise how much I love Oli. He’s a great guy, a great dad and a great husband,” she said.

Jacenko said the combination of her health scare and the pressure of Curtis being in jail led to her having a breakdown in May this year.

“I basically lost my marbles,” she told The Saturday Telegraph. “I crashed my car, I took my children to my parents-in-law and forgot they were there … A doctor came to me, it was that bad. I cannot remember four days of my life.”

OK everyone, as you were.

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