Roxy Jacenko has some brutally honest things to say about her marriage.

The Australian PR mogul opens up about the tough times she’s faced with her husband.

Straight-talking PR guru Roxy Jacenko, 33, has opened up about her marriage to investment banker husband Oliver Curtis. And when it comes to discussing her marriage troubles, she isn’t beating around the bush.

Roxy told the Daily Mail, “I think anyone who says that a marriage is a bed of roses and that they’re living martial bliss, is talking b******t because it’s not true and that honeymoon period does end.”

“I’m sure there are things that drive Ollie up the wall about me and there are things about him where I go: ‘Are you serious?’ That’s the reality of life and with any relationship there are challenges,” she said.

Roxy Jacenko on The Morning Show. Via Instagram.

And the couple, who have two children Pixie and Hunter, are facing some well publicised  challenges at the moment. Oliver is facing charges for insider trading but Roxy remains stoic about the situation.

"The reality is with Ollie’s court case is it was before my time. I don’t know the ins and out, it has been postponed but it’s not something I'm involved with, yes it’s my husband, it’s affecting him," Roxy explained.

Roxy with her children Pixie and Hunter. Via Instagram.

But Roxy has a way to deal with her husband's troubles, explaining "Do I see it as tough times? I see it as life, you roll with the punches and you do what you need to do to pull together to get through it. The trial has been postponed and we will manage that when it comes about."


And whether she's worries about her husband going to jail? "I don’t even worry about that, you worry about these things when they happen I don’t have a comment on that or the case. It is what it is and we’ll deal with whatever happens when it happens. Life is about being a realist," she said.

Roxy with husband Oliver and their children Pixie and Hunter. Via Instagram.

Despite their troubles, Roxy maintains that her and Oliver are still going strong. "One thing that works really well between Ollie and I and is that we are polar opposites - he’s reserved, he’s shy and quiet and there is an element of me that’s shy, but I am much more boisterous than he is and happy to take a lot more risks," she says.

"If we were too similar we’d be at each other’s throats. There are times when we both think: 'This is too hard' but that’s the reality of life, it is lucky that we are polar opposites because otherwise we would be strangling each other," Roxy went on to say.

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