Roxy Jacenko was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then she had to break the news to her daughter.

Saying the past month has been a shocker for Roxy Jacenko would be a serious understatement.

Just weeks after her husband Oliver Curtis was jailed for insider trading the PR mogul has announced she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Speaking to the The Daily Telegraph on Tuesday, the 36-year-old said her four-year-old daughter Pixie did not take the news well.

“She cried last night because I said I wasn’t going to come home for two nights because I would be in hospital,” the mother-of-two said before explaining she had not told her two-year-old son Hunter, as he was still too young to understand

Roxy Jacenko speaks to the media following her diagnosis. Post continues… 

Jacenko also confirmed that she has told Curtis of her diagnosis, saying, “Obviously he has got no control to be able to assist with anything, so it is particularly challenging for him. He is a broken person, an absolutely broken person.”


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The decision to tell her social-media famous daughter was made because she is such a “perceptive” and “inquisitive” child.

Following Curtis’ sentencing Jacenko says her children have been her main support, with Pixie thinking her mum had “a very bad day in the office” on the day Curtis left for prison. “She gave me a pat on the back and said: “Don’t worry.””


Hunter and Pixie Curtis. Source: Instagram

Also speaking to the Telegraph was Jacenko's mother Doreen Davis, who underwent a mastectomy a decade ago.

Confident in her daughter's recovery, Davis said Roxy “will tackle this head on as she does with everything, exactly as I did 10 years ago. I am sure, now we are 10 years down the line with breast cancer treatment ­advances, her treatments will be as positive as mine were.”

The one lucky break Jacenko has received is the countless messages of support and well wishing inundating her since the announcement.


Messages of support have flooded Roxy Jacenko's Instagram feed. Source: Instagram.

"Thinking of you and your family @roxyjacenko. I'm lost for words as I imagine you must be, sending you love and strength for your fight ahead," one Instagram user wrote on an elevator selfie posted by Jacenko on Tuesday.

"Sending strength, love and light to you Roxy. If anyone can fight this, you can xx," another commented.

Others though, don't seem to be buying the legitimacy of her illness, with one Twitter user commenting, "oh PR spin. Who is she anyway?"

Another tweet read "Congratulations Roxy Jacenko You have just delivered the perfect PR response to your husbands jail sentence."

Some people need to think before they tweet.