Footage of Roxy Jacenko's breast cancer operation has been released.

This Sunday night’s episode of 60 Minutes looks set to provide a stunningly up-close look at Roxy Jacenko’s breast cancer battle, even taking viewers right inside the operating theatre.

A new preview for the programme contains intimate footage of the Sweaty Betty PR founder being wheeled into surgery, as well as some of the operation itself.

Jacenko was diagnosed with the disease in July, after her five-year-old daughter Pixie noticed a lump in her left breast.

“She felt it, because I didn’t know what it was,” Jacenko says in the preview.

“I kept thinking at 40 is when you start worrying about breast cancer and so on, even if it’s in your family.”

Earlier this month, a source told The Daily Telegraph that Jacenko would undergo a "partial removal" of her tumour at one of Sydney's top hospitals.

While the details of her surgery remain unclear, the 60 Minutes preview shows surgeons extracting a mass from her breast, which one doctor describes as a "very centrally located cancer".

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The 36-year-old was forced to break the news of her diagnosis to her husband Oliver Curtis over the phone, as he had recently been jailed for insider trading.

The timing of the devastating news lead critics to question the seriousness and even veracity of Jacenko's illness - cynicism which she hits back against in Sunday night's episode.

"It is what it is. I am the person who has got the cancer, my husband is in jail, and I'm now a single mother," she says in another preview released by Channel 9.

"I don't really give a fuck what they think on my timing."