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Little Roxy was found wandering the streets of Auckland with a heartbreaking note on her collar.

When a member of the public saw a little, white dog running around the shops in an Auckland suburb, they weren’t expecting to make such a heartbreaking find.

Roxy – a Jack Russell Terrier – was wearing a green collar, and her name tag bore a message from her owner.

“My name is Roxy my owner can’t look after me can you?” it read.

The “sweet natured” Roxy was then taken to Auckland’s SPCA, who have since appealed for information about the abandoned dog on Facebook.

Image via Facebook.

"We are reaching out in the hope that someone recognises Roxy and can tell us more about her," the post - which has been shared over 180 times - read.

"All information we receive will be treated as confidential.

"We understand that circumstances can change for pet owners, and that sometimes families are in a position where they genuinely can't care for their animals anymore - we want you to know there is always another option and people who can help."

Image via Facebook.

Abandoning an animal is an offence under Auckland's Animal Welfare Act 1999. Similar laws exist in Australia, with most states declaring that abandoning an animal is punishable by law.

RSPCA Australia advises calling them for advice if your circumstances change and you face the need to rehome your pet.

By sharing Roxy's story, the SPCA wants pet owners to know there are always other options available.

"Sometimes people can be faced with situations where it feels like there are no other options," they wrote.

"We want people to know that they should never feel like their only resort is abandoning an animal - there is always help."

It seems as though Roxy will get the happy ending she deserves: many users have flooded the SPCA's status with offers to give the little pup a new, forever home.

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