Rove McManus names his toughest celebrity interview of his entire 20 year career.


“Are you OK? You don’t seem to be having fun.”

Those were the words Rove McManus – then hosting the Channel 10 talk show bearing his own name – awkwardly asked Baywatch star Pamela Anderson in February 2006.

Now 44, and nine months after his breakfast radio show with former Bachelorette Sam Frost was axed, the Aussie media personality is preparing to return to our TV screens to host a new game show, Show Me The Movie!

Watch Rove McManus’ awkward interview with Pamela Anderson from 2006:

Video via Channel 10

And, in an interview with The Daily Telegraph‘s Stellar Magazine, he’s spilling all on which movie stars were the most… difficult to chat to throughout his career that’s spanned over 20 years.

Pamela Anderson definitely tops that list.

“I remember having Pamela Anderson on the show and she was late — and we were live so that wasn’t helpful,” Rove told Stellar.

Pamela Anderson on Rove
Pamela Anderson appeared on Rove Live in 2006. Image via Channel 10.

"We started without her even in the building, and I was hearing updates her car had stopped at a red light and she’d got out and walked off because she had enough or was tired, I don't know.

"When she did arrive, she just wasn't in the mood to play so, on air, I ended up asking, 'Are you OK? You don't seem to be having fun'."

Rove also said his best interview tactic was to get his guests "intentionally drunk", something Rove said Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane had no trouble doing on his own.

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"Getting them intentionally drunk often leads to the most wonderful conversation," he said.

"When I was doing my show in LA, Seth MacFarlane turned up already drunk, which saved us a lot of whiskey."

But there is one celeb who the media personality said he was pleasantly surprised by, after expecting the worst about her "diva reputation": Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez JLo
Rove was most nervous to interview Jennifer Lopez. Image via Getty.

"Beforehand, we'd been told she'd be difficult; that she had demanded her hotel room be painted a different colour because she didn't like it, that she mightn't talk at all," Rove said.

"In person, she couldn't have been more delightful. Which taught me two things — one, always form your own opinions of people when you meet them, and two, most of the 'difficult' stuff comes from the people around them who are trying to justify their pay cheque."

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