The $1300 magic airfare and more: 4 round-the-world holidays for 4 different budgets.

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It’s that time of the year again.

And no, we don’t mean Christmas – we mean the summer holidays. You know, the time when your social media feed is filled with photos of your friends’ amazing holidays in amazing locations, where they’re having an amaaaazing time…while you’re at home with a mean case of wanderlust.

You wonder, how did they do it? How did they organise such a fantastic trip, travelling the world… and still have money left?

The thought of all the options, or not knowing all the options, is exhausting. Most of us don’t have the time or patience to figure out if that connecting flight will make it from A to B (or Z, for that matter) within our budgets.

So, we asked some people who know about planning multi-stop dream holidays: Flight Centre’s Round The World Experts.

They’re expert travel advisers who don’t just help with flight times; they’re personal journey planners who tailor itineraries to individual wants and needs, with the broadest choice of airfares and options. They also give you two options within 24 hours of your initial enquiry, so that’s handy.

We spoke to two of them, Benita Fraser and James Bryce, to find out how they can structure four round-the-world itineraries for four different types of travel budgets.

(Note: accommodation is extra, and the experts at Flight Centre can advise you on the perfect price for you in each city.)

flight centre round the world
Flight Centre Round The World Experts Benita Fraser and James Bryce. Images: Supplied.

'The Budget Bon Voyage' traveller

For the person who wants to travel far on a smallish budget.

 Starting from $1299*: Sydney – LA – London – Hong Kong - Sydney


“This is going to be your most cost-effective round the world itinerary possible,” Benita and James advise.

“It doesn’t offer all the flexibility of other round-the-world airfares, but if you’re looking to see the world on a shoestring budget, this might be the perfect fit.

“And even though it includes multiple stops, it's often cheaper than just going to London or LA. For something a little different, you can fly from New York (or a couple of other cities on the East Coast) to London, instead of from LA, and backpack/road trip your way across the US.”

'The 3 or 4 Star Hotel Doesn't Bother Me' traveller

Someone who's happy to pay extra if it gives them even better value for money, but isn’t a fussy traveller.

Starting from $1900*: Sydney – San Francisco – Lisbon – Munich – Bangkok - Sydney

“This kind of itinerary is all about value,” Benita and James say.

“Lufthansa offer a wide, wide variety of destinations in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, at amazing prices. Some customers may take issue with the extra stops through Germany and ask for something more direct.

“But this kind of itinerary, although not the absolute most direct option, will save on average $500 to $1000 per person for an extra three to five hours of travel time.

“For someone who likes adventure, food, and culture, Lufthansa can take you from San Fran and New York, over to sunny Spain and Portugal, before eating your weight in Pad Thai on the way home.

“Lufthansa partner with some of the best-known airlines in the world such as Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, and Thai Airways. They also guarantee connections as short as 45 to 50 minutes through their hub cities in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.”

'The A Little Bit Fancy' traveller

The traveller who’s open to a good business class or premium economy deal, and enjoys nice hotels – but wants to feel they’ve invested in the extras wisely.

Starting from $3600*: Sydney – Santiago – Buenos Aires – Frankfurt – Amsterdam – Paris – Munich – Tokyo - Sydney

flight centre
Paris? Never a bad idea. Image: Getty.

"This would be suited to someone who is wanting a really good value round-the-world fare, but doesn't want to be stuck up the back," James and Benita advise.

"As there are a number of long-haul flights in this itinerary, the extra leg room in premium economy means that they can still be comfortable without costing an arm and a leg.

"These airfares act like a return ticket to Europe. However, they offer anyone looking to travel to Europe the option of stopping in South America, North America or Canada on the way over, and the option of coming home the shorter way through Asia."

'The Ultimate Luxe World' traveller

With no expense spared, this traveller wants to see the whole world, and do it in style.

Starting from $14,500*: Sydney – Auckland – Papeete – Easter Island – Santiago – Cuzco – Lima – Miami – Barbados – London – Thira – Mykonos – Doha – Male – Colombo – Singapore - Sydney

“If you are looking for a bigger adventure and have time up your sleeve then you can’t go past a One World round-the-world airfare,” Benita and James advise.

“One World airfares can include up to 16 flights. As a combination airfare, you can basically go anywhere their 13 One World partner carriers will fly, providing you are travelling in one continuous direction around the world.”

“The options are as endless as your imagination, and sometimes the hardest part is deciding where to go first and that’s why we are here to help.”

So, you can see the difference a professional can make to your dream holiday. If you're having trouble deciding between food stops of the world , the big cities, and the Great Wonders, and don't know how to make it all happen, the Round the World experts will have you sorted.

See what Flight Centre Round the World trips are available right now, and how you can build the right one for you.

*Prices are correct at time of publishing and are per person and a guide only. Seasonal surcharges & blackout dates may apply depending on date of travel. Additional fees, including surcharges & visa fees specific to your departure date or flight routing, may apply. Additional taxes specific to your flight routing may apply and/or may not include checked luggage (which can incur additional charges).

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