Richie and Alex share a special video message for our Bachie queen, Rosie Waterland.

We’re not sure which came as more of a shock this week – Nikki Gogan getting heartbroken by The Bachelor Richie Strahan or the news that Rosie’s Recaps had come to a sudden end.

It was a sad evening all round.

But turns out “Dickie Bach” is just as big a fan of Rosie as we are.

After appearing on The Project last night, guest host and former Mamamia editor Jamila Rizvi got Richie and new partner Alex Nation to record a special get well message for the real Bachie queen.

Image: Supplied

And by globs, it's good. If their goal was to stuff in as many in-jokes as possible, they nailed it.

Hilarious and good-naturedly, they introduced themselves with Rosie's nicknames - 'Dickie Bach' and 'Stage Five Clinger'.

"Sandra Sully released a lot of funds and it has allowed us to make this video for you to let you know we hope you get well soon and we're thinking of you," the couple say.

Then the fan-girling commences.

"I also heard a rumour that this is the last season you're going to write these articles for - we're all disappointed," Richie continues.

"So you better get better and you better write more articles 'coz we want to read them. You'll be missed."

The pair then bid Rosie a "ciao for now".

We couldn't think of a more perfect ending. Dirty street pie, anyone?