Which Victoria's Secret Angel has just chopped off her hair?

Image: the Victoria’s Secret Angels before this year’s show (Getty)

Now here’s a celebrity haircut we didn’t see coming.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is almost as famous for her long, honey-coloured hair as she is for those ‘beestung’ lips, so we were more than a little surprised to discover she’d chopped it all off yesterday.

It’s especially surprising considering the British model/actress is an alumnus of the Cult of Long Wavy Mermaid Hair, i.e. a former Victoria’s Secret model.

Um, have you ever noticed that all Victoria’s Secret models look the same?

Rosie and her long hair earlier this year.


The 27-year-old face of ModelCo shared a photo of her new collarbone-grazing haircut on Instagram, writing, "Ready for 2015 equipped with a fresh new do!" Rosie also used the hashtag #ShortHairDontCare, so she's clearly pretty chuffed with her new look (although all the pixie-haired ladies are probably guffawing right now - you call that short? Please.)

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Rosie's the second Victoria's Secret alumnus to debut a big hair change this week - Jessica Hart has also mixed things up with her brand new fringe. Which makes us wonder which Angel could be next - will Karlie Kloss revisit her famous bob? Will Miranda Kerr get a mohawk? We'll keep you posted.

Check out Rosie's gorgeous new chop, and the other celebrity haircuts we're obsessed with, in this VERY clickable gallery: