Meet the New York Strippers who drugged their clients and stole their money.


One of the ringleaders of a gang of strippers who fleeced hundreds of thousands of dollars from wealthy men after drugging them say the men got what they deserved.

Roselyn Keo, who is facing conspiracy and fraud charges in New York, says the men were Wall Street a**holes with money to burn.

“It sounds so bad to say that we were, like, drugging people,” she told New York Magazine. “But it was, like, normal.”

“What’s an extra $20,000 to them? It wasn’t like we pulled them off the street. They had history. They’d been to Hustler, they’d been to Rick’s, they’d been to Scores.

“They all walked in ready to party. And yeah, we slipped an extra one that they didn’t know about. But all of it goes hand in hand — sex, drugs, and rock and roll. You know?”

Keo worked with a group of strippers and prostitutes led by Samantha Barbash, who lured men into strip clubs or hotel rooms and then took them for as much as they could.

“Don’t tell me you love me. That means I know I can milk you for everything, and then some,” she said.

When they weren’t up to party anymore, the women would slip them a cocktail of MDMA and ketamine designed to keep them happy and pliable.

The result: the men would wake up the next day with a hangover and a bill for tens of thousands of dollars.

“I was on the phone with American Express half the time verifying his last four digits of Social, his mother’s maiden name, his last purchases, and their name, and their location, and how much was being charged,” she said.

“I did it right in front of them. I would ask them really quickly, ‘What’s your mother’s maiden name? What’s your Social Security number?'”

Marci Rosen was part of the long-running scam.

Keo says she doesn’t feel bad about it because the men could afford it, and the women deserved the money because of the “amount of stress they had to endure”.

“We’re just like, you know what, these people are fucking pissing me off. Just for that, I’m going to max out his credit card, like a penalty. You’re going to be left with a zero balance. Zero credit line. Just for being annoying. We needed to make it worth it,” she said.

The best part of the whole caper was that most men didn’t want to complain to the police, and risk their wives or bosses finding out they’d spent time with strippers and prostitutes. Something Keo and the rest of the women knew, and used to great advantage.

New Jersey doctor Zyad Younan complained about a $135,000 credit card bill from New York strip club Scores.

But eventually the scam unravelled when one unhappy customer was able to prove they’d been drugged, taping a conversation with one of the women where she admitted it.

The police attempted a sting, but it didn’t work out and the case went cold.

But then New Jersey doctor Zyad Younan complained about a $135,000 credit card bill from New York strip club Scores. He refused to pay, the club sued and the case hit the headlines.

Police who had worked on the original sting recognised the ploy and used the new information to build a case.

They found other men, including one who had lost his job because of the scam.

After that police were able to piece together a case against four of the women, Keo, Samantha Barbash, the alleged mastermind of the scam, Karina Pascucci and Marci Rosen.

They are awaiting sentencing with court dates set for February.