Rose McGowan has spoken about her former manager Jill Messick's death.

Warning: This article deals with suicide.

Rose McGowan has expressed her condolences to the family of her former manager Jill Messick, who took her own life.

Messick died last week and her family had released a statement that implied McGowan’s behaviour was partly to blame for Messick’s depression.

McGowan posted a tribute on Instagram on Saturday, which wished Messick’s family well and pointed at Harvey Weinstein as the cause of her death.

“For Jill: May your family find some measure of solace during this pain,” McGowan wrote, alongside a photo of the sun behind the earth viewed from space.


“That one man could cause so much damage is astounding, but tragically true. The bad man did this to us both.”

“May you find peace on the astral plane,” she continued. “May you find serenity with the stars.”

Listen: “Thank you Salma Hayek for pointing out how Weinstein is about work.” (Post continues after audio.)

After Messick’s death, her family issued a statement that read in part: “Over the past few months, many women have come out with allegations against Harvey Weinstein, including Rose McGowan, who has repeatedly spoken with the press, striking out against not only her alleged attacker, but a great many others. One of them was Jill, who chose to remain silent in the face of Rose’s slanderous statements against her for fear of undermining the many individuals who came forward in truth.”

Weinstein had involved Messick in the legal affair stemming from McGowan’s claims against him, with Weinstein’s lawyer Ben Brafman releasing an email from Messick to show her alleged defence of Weinstein.

According to Messick’s family, Messick had recounted what she remembered McGowan telling her at the time of the assault, which did not include specific details.

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