The insane thing Rosamund Pike had to do to her body for Gone Girl

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The office is a-buzz about the ‘non-date-night’ flick, Gone Girl.

Is it as good as the book? Isn’t it?

Everyone who has seen the cinematic adaption Gillian Flynn’s novel has different opinions on this.

But one thing that everyone agrees on is that Rosamund Pike was a great choice for the role of ‘Amazing Amy’.

For those of you that haven’t read the book or seen the movie, don’t read on – there are spoilers!

But for those of you that have – let’s indulge in a little bit of behind-the-scenes-goss about the book we couldn’t put down.

So, as you would know, Amy is craaaaaaaazy. Part of Rosamund’s characterisation was to slip in and out of different personas – cool girl, perfect wife, diary Amy – and like in the book, Rosamund had to put on a lot of weight for when Amy was in the Ozarks.

Rosamund revealed yesterday that she needed to lose and gain this weight 3 times over.

“I had to be slimmer in L.A. and heavier in the Ozarks, and then heavier and slimmer in the studio, so I had to do it three times over. They scheduled around it, so I had two weeks each time for each fluctuation. It was quite intense. It was like turning your body into a chemistry lab.”

“I couldn’t escape it, the weight-loss period. I took time out to get a pedicure, and Extreme Weight Loss! was on the TV. I was like, “I can’t get away from it!” [Laughs.]

Whoa. That cannot be good for your body – sounds like a week of ‘Celebrity Slim’ just in time for a big event, then a week of KFC right after. Over and over again.


“There was so much preparation for all this, so much preparation, in a way, that I never really clocked off,” Amy told

So how did she do it? “I trained with a boxer, [welterweight Holly Lawson]. Anyone who is going to go into the ring will usually rest over their fighting weight, and then lean out to go into the ring. So they’re very conversant in being one weight, and then having to drop in a confined period of time.

“So it made perfect sense, right? Because of their ability. To a certain extent, my body cooperated, but I don’t know how good it is for you.”

“There was always something to think about with Amy. I had to transform the obvious way, and then I had wigs, I had to do the schizophrenic weight-gain/loss, I had to change my voice …

“Not just change my accent. Amy has specific different voices. Because there’s Diary Amy, and then there’s the other voice-over, where the vitriol comes out and you hear her critique of her own gender.”

Stellar effort, Rosamund! Now, never do that again.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think?

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