The world's worst roommate add has been uncovered, shield your eyes.

The property market can be competitive, but this is one roommate advertisement we don’t think many people will be answering.

The ad – posted to Craigslist, aka the Gumtree of the United States – calls for a roommate who “wont act like a big bitch” when the current tenant/possible landlord instructs them to kiss his pet snake before leaving for work in the morning.

Pretty standard living condition, no?

The ad also lists some pretty general ground rules, you know the usual stuff, like replacing the toilet roll when you finish it and the promise of a poisonous frog in your bed if you dare to do the dishes.

Kristen Wiig bridesmaids
“Yeah. I’m sure you’re a good roommate and I’ll end this house in one piece.”

Also, any possible applicants may never ask the advertiser to move the puppets from the foyer closet or take the trash bags off his windows.

As you do.


In better news, the property is wheelchair accessible, dogs are allowed and there is a subscription to Netflix. So there are definitely pros and cons.

Look, there’s always the possibility that your roommate might be a serial killer. But this guy might just really be one.

Watch Mamamia Confessions: The biggest lie people have ever told. Luckily no one confessed to being a crazy roommate. 

Just a snippet of the glorious add.

Look, there’s a very good chance this advertisement is not exactly real (Craigslist has recently pulled it down, but not before it became viral) but anyone who’s looked online for a housemate knows it’s a crazy world out there.

Stay safe, fellow housemate hunters.

Feature image via Craigslist. 

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