The worst roommate horror stories that will make you lose faith in humanity.

People are the worst.

A woman in the US could be facing up to 20 years in jail after being caught on a hidden camera contaminating her roommates food.

The footage, captured by her suspicious roommates after a significant falling out, shows the woman spitting into their containers of food and spraying it with a blue liquid.

Turns out that blue liquid was Windex. Which can be deadly when ingested.

So this bat-shit crazy story got our whole office talking about their worst roommate horror stories.

And while ours are decidedly less murder-y, some of us have had some pretty scary/disgusting/hilarious experiences with house mates. All anonymous of course…

“I lived with someone in my uni days who continually did very strange things. For instance, I came home one day to find her attempting to cook an entire duck in my toaster oven. Those things are not very big.”

“I had a roomie who used to send us photos of dirty knives left in the kitchen.”

“My room-mate (a temporary one) once asked for his friend to stay “over Christmas for a few days”. This loser lived in my lounge room for a month. House smelt like boy. They were rude. And gross. And never cleaned. Oh – and NEVER FLUSHED.”

“My friend’s roommate came home drunk one night and ate the other roommate’s lasagne. In his drunken state he thought he should go into her room at 3am and apologise for doing so. She lost her sh*t and stabbed him in the stomach with a fork.”

“This girl I met once said she came home to find her lunchbox filled with water and some undies soaking in there. They were her housemate’s period undies.”

“One day, one of my housemates found the other housemates using the TV when she wanted to, but she didn’t say anything. She promptly walked out and bought a massive TV for her room. I’m sure they would have switched channels if she asked.”

“I used to live with a girl who had ADHD and she would get up in the middle of the night and rearrange all the living room furniture.”

“An old flatmate was totally gym obsessed, she’d hang up A4 images of ripped six packs in her room, in the bathroom, on the fridge. Really annoying for someone who just wanted to eat ice cream without having to look at biceps.”


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“I had some friends who all lived in this house that was going to be demolished so they had a wrecking party and totally smashed the house up and spray painted the walls and everything before their landlord told them that unfortunately the house was heritage listed so it couldn’t be demolished. It was a disaster. I mean, not flatmate related. But they were not good tenants.”

“One day I came home and my roommate was like ‘hey I painted a mural’ and then I looked outside the kitchen window and she had gone on the roof and spray painted this giant silver moon with the caption ‘Queen of sparrows’ and I was thinking: Oh for Christ’s sake, we will never get our bond back.”

“My friend once went into her flat mates room and saw a photo of her own mum.”

“One of my mates had a falling out with her sole housemate. When she was at uni one day, the girl moved out and took all her furniture. Unfortunately, most of the furniture in the house belonged to her so my mate was living on a beanbag for a while.”

“I had a flatmate who would empty the dishwasher and purposely leave anything I’d used in there, even though I’d always pack her things away. Super rude.”

“An old housemate of mine used to go into my room when I wasn’t home and ‘borrow’ my clothes and bras and mysteriously, I wouldn’t see them again. Except in Facebook photos, years later.”

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“We had a housemate who would just put her pole dancing pole up in front of the TV when we were watching a movie. That was massively awks.”

“My roommate used to constantly steal my cheese and that stuff is expensive so I had to start carving my name into the block like ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’-style and they eventually stopped.”

“My last housemate and her boyfriend would sit in our lounge room writing and singing love songs to each other.”

It’s enough to make you want to live alone forever.

Do you have any roommate horror stories to top these ones?