Roger Federer has a new haircut and fans have a new theory: It's cursed.

Yes, tennis superstar Roger Federer is about to compete for his eighth Wimbledon—a new world record for a timeless tennis giant.

But let’s focus on what’s really important here: his new haircut. Could it be the end to all that we hold near and dear in tennis?

The internet certainly thinks so.

Federer turned up at the Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart this week, after a two-month hiatus, with a somewhat…more summery vibe.

Gone were the long, luscious, sweep-a-hand-through-me locks. Instead, his hair was shorter—and (near-surfer) blonder.

From this:

Federer's luscious longer locks, back in the day (when he was more likely to win, of course). Image via Getty.

To this:

The new look has launched a thousand theories (because internet), with fans wondering: Just how much will it impact his performance?

For while some love the aesthetic:


Others have lost all hope:

That's because the last time Federer cut his hair so short was in 2013—the same year he (the defending champion) lost at Wimbledon in the second round against Ukranian Sergiy Stakhovsky, then ranked 116 in the world.

It was a bad year for Federer and clearly, the haircut was to blame. #science

There's only one possible saving grace for this year's competition: The new streak of blonde.

Could it be enough to undo the curse of short hair?

Only time (and talent) will tell.

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