In a display of pure emotion, Roger Federer leaves the world shedding tears.

Swiss tennis champion Roger Federer is the first man to ever win 20 Grand Slam titles, after an emotional victory at the Australian Open in Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena last night.

Federer, 36, wept as he thanked the crowd, relieved and exhausted after fighting to beat Croatian Marin Cilic in a 6-2 6-7 (5-7) 6-3 3-6-1 win.

Oh, the feelings.

“I’m so happy It’s unbelievable,” he said as he faced the crowd. “When the match is at night you think about it all day and it’s tough. Winning is an absolute dream come true. The fairytale continues for us, for me.”


He thanked Cilic and congratulated him on his progression to a world number three ranking. “I wish you all the best, keep doing what you are doing and you will achieve more.”

It was enough to make Cilic emotional, too.


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Federer thanked Australia, telling the crowd how he and his family enjoyed their time in Perth in December.

“We’ve been here since last year and haven’t left,” he said. “We started in Perth where we had a great time as a family and as a team. You guys are amazing as a country and as a people.”

To thunderous applause, he addressed the fans as well:

“And you guys, you fill the stadiums, you make me nervous, you make me go out and practice. I just want to thank you, for everything. It wouldn’t be the same without you.”


In his unique Federer way, the six-time Australian Open winner, put his victory down to… Luck.

“It got tight and Marin held me out in the third and the fifth. I got lucky tonight,” he said. “I am happy that I got a chance in the fifth set and I got lucky in the beginning of the fifth.”

Later, he apologised for his tears (stop, we can’t), explaining the match reminded him of his 2006 win against Marcos Baghdatis in the same tournament.


In both finals, Federer said he felt enormous pressure and relief, more than anything, once the competition was over.

“I think that’s why I was so bloody emotional at the end,” he said. “I was thinking about the outcome all day. During every set. How would I feel if I lost? How would I feel if I won?”

“I was just so relieved when everything was said and done, I think I felt the same way tonight. That is why I couldn’t speak. It was terrible.”


Before going to sleep, Federer posted to social media once again to share his gratitude and say the feeling is indescribable.

The father-of-four has a record eight Wimbledon titles to his name; a record six Australian Open titles; a record five US Open titles; and one French Open title.


His fairytale, indeed, is far from over. We can’t be more excited.

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