Robyn Lawley’s ultimate beauty tip.

When it comes to my skin, I do everything I can to look after it and it’s always the preparation work rather than makeup that really makes me look my best.

I’ve worked with so many makeup artists over the years and I always look my best after they put lots of time into the right prep work. Early on I noticed the difference between how my skin looks when a makeup artist really massages moisturiser into my skin, compared to when they just slap foundation on like a cover up.

I have dry skin so I’m really into face oils and found that they work hard to nourish my skin. I like to mix it up by using coconut, olive or rosehip oils to target rough patches. These oils also work wonders on keeping my complexion looking fresh, glowy and gorgeous.

I also find that makeup lasts longer when I massage a dollop of moisturiser into my face before applying foundation.

Robin Lawley sans makeup via instagram


The reason great skin is so important to me is because I am a big fan of looking natural. I don’t like to wear too much makeup and I don’t like my hair to be too ‘done’ either - I couldn’t handle that full heavy Kardashian-style look. I’m all about looking natural with bright and glowing skin and either straight hair (which is how my hair sits naturally) or if I’m going out I like relaxed, tousled hair.

So, that's my ultimate beauty tip: give yourself a mini facial massage before you put on any makeup. It will help with your skin's circulation, and boost your complexion before you've even started.

What's your ultimate beauty tip?