Robyn Lawley's guide to staying fit and healthy in New York.

Robyn Lawley, image via Instgram.

Eating in: My kitchen is my favourite place to go for breakfast, which is my favourite meal of the day. I love eggs, they are so good for you. I really enjoy cooking it and would always prefer to do my own breakfast than go out.

Eating out: I always find the best lunch spots and healthy but delicious cafes are in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They just have so much delicious amazing food – especially the food markets Smorgasburg.

Grocery shopping: For the best fresh produce I hit up Union Square Markets. We have a lot of genetically modified foods in the USA and I try very hard to avoid that. It limits your options of where you can eat and shop for food so that’s why I go to Union Square. The farmers come down from Upstate New York and I really enjoy chatting to them directly and learning about how they raise their meat, and all about their farming practices. I think it’s important to know and understand what you’re eating and where it comes from. 

Working out: Luckily the building I live in has a gym so you can find me working out right there. It’s great because I prefer it to working out outside and it’s so convenient. I do love bike riding around the city and riding up the West Side Highway and the FDR Drive.

Robyn likes getting out and taking her dog for a walk. Image via her Instagram.

Back to nature: It’s a bit of a trek for me but every now and then when I want some green space I take my dog up to Central Park. I walk pretty far up - to about 115th Street and then walk back through the park. My favourite part of the park is Strawberry Fields. Whenever I’m there I get lost in how beautiful it is.


My beauty indulgence: As a model I'm so lucky to meet and work with the very best in the business. If I could have Ronnie Peterson do my hair every day I would but I love having it done by him for big events. He achieves so much volume and shine in my dead straight hair - I always feel so great when he's worked his magic.

Chilling out: Williamsburg in Brooklyn is my happy space. It’s so nice to walk around, I take my dog there and check out the cool stores and cafes. It’s definitely more relaxed than Manhattan. And I love to sit down by the water in Williamsburg looking out over the incredible view of the city.

Cheering up after a bad day: I love to go out and I’m all about the music. I don’t have particular places I love to go, I’m very picky about what music I like and if the music isn’t good I leave. It’s hit and miss with me, I might end up in an awesome club or a dive bar, it doesn’t matter so long as the DJ is awesome. That’s how I have a great night.

Coffee fix: I love coffee and I’ve always been a real coffee snob, which is a challenge in New York. But there are a few places I go to. Bluebottle makes a really good iced coffee and Saturdays in SoHo makes great lattes. It’s nothing like what we can get in Australia though. Whenever I come home I have two or three coffees a day, compared to New York where I have coffee more like once every three days. There are Australians opening up coffee shops now in New York, so hopefully we can take over the coffee scene and make it as good as home.

What's the best thing to do in your favourite city?