Introducing our first ever guest editor, Robyn Lawley.

When I think about what The Glow is about, I couldn’t think of a more perfect person to represent us than Robyn Lawley. And that’s why she’s our first ever Guest Editor.

Robyn has so much great content planned for you this week, she’s really opened the doors and let us into her world. Watch the video below to get a taste of what’s coming up  – and to find out about a few other things she’s got stuffed up her sleeve.

She’s a model, she’s a swimwear designer and she’s a magician in the kitchen.

But over and above being multi-talented, Robyn Lawley is also fierce and brave when it comes to standing up for herself, her body, and other women. She’s stood her ground in an industry that’s known to be more-than-a-little sizeist at times. And they sat down and listened.

Robyn resists categorisation. She refuses to be dismissed as ‘just a plus size model’ and as a result, the world hasn’t treated her that way. By landing major modeling gigs, from the cover of Vogue to her work as a Pantene ambassador, she’s breaking boundaries, and showing the world that real beauty is so much more than a number on a dress.

Soon, Robyn is going to add one more role to that impressive list of job titles: mother. While her pregnancy was top secret when we first started working together, we got back in touch to talk about her very big news.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing my baby for the first time and just getting to hold her/him,” she said.

What do you hope to see Robyn do during her guest editorship?