PSA: This voice-activated vacuum cleans your house while you watch Netflix and eat snacks.


Imagine it: You’re chilling on the couch, wearing your comfiest dressing gown and fluffy socks, as you enjoy the deepest of Stan binges. Maybe you’ve got a wine in hand and of course, plenty of snacks.

As you tell the streaming service that yes, you are indeed still there and do want to watch the next episode, you feel absolutely no guilt. You don’t need to move, because you have a handy little robot friend currently doing your housework for you.

And you don’t even need to get up to turn it on.

If you ask us, that sounds like absolute bliss – and it doesn’t have to be just a fantasy.

A while back, we all lost our minds over the $300 ALDI robot vacuum that could vacuum and mop our floor. Now the people behind that glorious invention are back with another floor-cleaning robot pal, the Ecovacs Robotics DEEBOT 710.

ecovac robot vacuum
Image: Supplied.

The DEEBOT 710 has mapping technology, so it can map and plan an efficient cleaning path - this means the robot can complete cleaning commands without missing a spot or doubling back on itself. Genius.

Then when it's done, a handy map will appear on your phone app so you can check out the path your robot cleaned (and revel in the joy of knowing you didn't have to do it yourself).

There's also a 'max mode', which increases the suction level for a deeper clean for those super tough messes.

You can give the device a specific cleaning schedule for it to clean regularly at any time of day, and it'll see itself back to its home dock when its battery is low or the job is done.

ecovac robot vacuum
Image: Supplied.

And honestly, the best part is that this can all be done through an app on your phone or with a voice command, as the robot is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo.

"Hey Alexa, get my robot vacuum to clean while I sit here and enjoy this so-bad-that-it's-good Netflix movie," has a very nice ring to it.

Other features include an anti-collision system that stops the DEEBOT from banging into things, a high-efficiency filter that can reduce airborne allergy and asthma symptoms and anti-drop sensors that allow it to clean around stairs without falling down them.

Now for the all important factor: The cost.

The DEEBOT 710 is available now for $499 on eBay - with free postage - and will soon be available on Amazon.

You may need to factor in the cost of all the extra activities you're going to have time to enjoy, however.