EXCLUSIVE: Being sacked from her popular radio show left Robin Bailey "blindsided."

Robin Bailey has spoken exclusively to Mamamia after the shock news that she was leaving her role as the co-host of Brisbane 97.3FM’s Robin, Terry and Bob show.

Bailey – who had worked for the network for 10 years – revealed she had been in contract negotiations.

“The announcement today that I am leaving the 97.3FM breakfast team has come as a complete shock. I have been blindsided by ARN’s decision not to renew my contract,” she told Mamamia.

“After minimal feedback during a protracted negotiation period at no stage did ARN make me any offer for 2017. I was ambushed this morning and told of the decision to cease my employment with the station.

“This was not a joint decision and I certainly saw my future with 97.3, a place that has been my home and my solace for so many years.

“I love radio and I have loved my 10 years on air at 97.3FM. It was not only a job for me, it has been my home, my family and you, the listeners, have been my friends and supporters in the good times and the bad.”

Robin said she expected a more “respectful approach” to her departure, especially after “such a long and positive” relationship at 97.3.

She also had a message for her many listeners and fans:

“To the loyal Brisbane listeners and public, thank you for allowing me into your lives and thank you for being such an important part of mine,” she said.

“I will be back on radio, it’s who I am, it’s what I do and it is what I love – I can promise you that Brisbane.”


Robin was told of the decision this morning, just one day after she celebrated her birthday.

The show posted a birthday message to Robin on Twitter just hours before news of her shock exit broke.

The show has been locked in a ratings duel for the number one spot in Brisbane for a number of years, and is one of the highest rating breakfast shows on Australian radio.


In an announcement that shocked fans, ARN’s National Content Director Duncan Campbell revealed the news this afternoon, adding the network was “sad to see her go”.

“ARN tried very hard to keep Robin at 97.3. While we won’t comment on specific elements of contract negotiations for privacy reasons, what we can say is this negotiation was ongoing for a long period of time with Robin’s management,” he explained in a statement.

“We are very disappointed we weren’t able to agree to terms, but unfortunately, based on the information ARN was consistently given throughout the negotiation process, we were led into a position where we were unable to proceed with contract renewal.”


The station is yet to announce who will be replacing her role as part of the popular breakfast team, but confirmed that both Terry and Bob would be returning in 2017.

Fans of the hugely successful breakfast show have already begun to share their disbelief on the show’s official Facebook page.

“I for one will be very sad to not have Robin to listen to on my way to work with Terry and Bob. It is an institution in my car,” wrote one fan.

“I had not contemplated the fact that you guys would not always be together. All the best Robin. But please don’t go.”

Another wrote that they would miss “her voice and laughter.”

“Morning radio will never be the same,” said another.

Robin and her former breakfast co-hosts Terry and Bob. Image via 97.3FM.

Others claimed that Robin was the main reason they listened in to the show, describing her as "the glue" of the show.

Some even urged the network to "agree to the terms", referencing the reasons why Robin was let go from the show.

"Agree to the terms, we want to listen to Robyn," said one fan on the show's official Facebook page.

Robin has been a favourite among the station's fans, who love her ability to be honest and empathetic and sharing everything with her listeners. They rallied around Robin in 2014 when her husband took his own life after a long battle with depression, leaving her a single mother to their three adolescent boys.

Robin is known as one of Australia's leading media personalities, and is a regular guest on Weekend Today.

Robin Bailey is also a co-host of Mamamia Podcast Network's popular wellness podcast, The Well.