Robert Pattinson: "I'm homeless!"

If you were hoping that Robert Pattinson would address the topic of Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal during his press tour for Cosmopolis, it might be time to give up. The 26-year-old heartthrob made yet another publicity stop for the David Cronenberg film, this time on Jimmy Kimmel Live! — and he, once again, managed to get through without divulging any details about his broken heart.

But that doesn't mean it wasn't worth watching! Pattinson's answers to Jimmy Kimmel's questions were both off the cuff and amusing — albeit a little awkward. Here are some of the most important things we learned about Pattinson from his 10-minute Kimmel interview:

– Not only does Pattinson claim he's too cheap to hire a publicist, but he also says he buys everything he owns off Craigslist, including all three of his cars.

– He claims that he is "still" homeless and currently rents an archway and some trash cans that he lives in. (Somehow we don't believe this one is true, even if he is holing up with Reese Witherspoon.)

– K-Stew might be photographed looking sad around Hollywood, but Pattinson looks to be pretty darn happy. He spent the entirety of the Kimmel interview giggling, cracking jokes and not even coming near the subject of his assumed ex-girlfriend.

We're hoping Pattinson can keep the smiles coming as he heads into The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 publicity campaign this November. He and Stewart have already opted to sit out of the Twilight fan conventions and likely won't appear at the VMAs like they were supposed to. Will they be able to heal their wounds by the time they have to play nice in the public eye for the final Twilight film?

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