WATCH: Robert Downey Jr visits a young fan with a mind-blowing gift.

Sure, he’s had his share of problems, but Robert Downey Jr is nailing his renaissance.

Robert Downey Jr recently visited a seven-year-old boy named Alex Mead, who was born with a partially developed right arm. Downey Jr came to see Alex, dressed as the boy’s favourite Avengers alter-ego, Tony Stark.

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And the video is, well, let’s just say it made our hayfever play up in the eyeball region.

“Nice bow-tie by the way” (Image via Facebook)

Not only did Alex get to spend the afternoon with a superhero, he got a pretty incredible gift as well.

Thanks to Microsoft One Note’s Collective Project, Alex was presented with a custom-fitted, 3D-printed bionic arm, not dissimilar to that sported by Tony Stark himself.

Iron Man is great and all, but the real super hero of this project is Albert Manero, a college student who designs, creates and donates bionic arms for children.

Alex has his very own Iron Man arm.

Young Alex is so polite and well spoken throughout the encounter, but you just have to take one look at his face to see all the excitement in the world. “Who’s this Alex?” he is asked.

“Iron Man”.

To see just how chuffed Alex (and Robert Downey Jr for that matter) is with his new arm, check out this video:




Iron man is not the only superhero who has been making new friends recently. Fellow Avenger, Captain America (Chris Evans) and Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) have also been cheering up some well-deserving kids. You can check out the details here.