Robbie Williams and his wife are being sued for sexual harassment.

He’s seeking Damages.

Reformed party-guy Robbie Williams, 41, and his wife Ayda Field, 35, are being sued for sexual harassment by a former employee.

Gilles De Bonfilhs has filed a lawsuit against the couple in LA, alleging that while he was working as their personal assistant he was sexually harassed.

Apparently, Field wandered around starkers and told Bonfilhs intimate sexy things about her sexy sex life.

Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field. Image via Instagram.

The lawsuit claims that she also “questioned him about his sex life and asked him to answer questions and comment on her body”.

The boy-band abandoner and his American actress wife have denied the claims.

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They say they’ll “strenuously” defend themselves against the claims.

A spokesperson for the couple said, “The claims being made by a disgruntled former employee, after he was sacked for serious misconduct, are entirely without substance.”

Robbie Williams was once famous for his voracious sexual appetite. Image via Instagram.

According to TMZ, Williams is listed as a defendant, but there don’t seem to be any specific allegations against him.

Bonhilhs was dismissed in January after just few short months of employment.

Williams used to be known for his drug-using, woman-shagging ways, but in recent years he’s tried to shrug off his bad-boy rep.

He married Field in 2010 after a four-year relationship and they now have two kids, Theodora and Charlton.

Loved up: Williams is a changed man since he met Ayda Field. Image via Instagram.

In an interview last year, Williams spoke about his love for his wife.

“I love my wife’s company. She gives me a lot of energy – she’s like a one-woman cheerleading team,” he said.

“She has anchored my life and made me feel secure, and saved me from a life of self-destruction.”

He added: “I’m a fiercely self-absorbed narcissistic person, and my daughter being on tour with me means I’m forced to think about someone else.”

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