Rob Mills talks to Em Rusciano about life, Paris Hilton, and being 'a little bit gay'.

Rob Mills is most famous for spending one night in Paris… Hilton. Sorry, that was gross. He is, though.

Mills, now 33, was fresh from Australian Idol season one when the socialite extraordinaire was at the height of her fame in 2003. She travelled to Australia to attend the Melbourne Cup, and while there, hooked up with the newly-famous “Millsy”.

The singer and actor is a longtime friend of fellow Idol alumni Em Rusciano, who had him on her podcast Deeply Shallow to discuss life post-Idol.

Rusciano wanted to have Mills on her podcast because she thinks people have misconceptions about him — a leftover from his youthful Idol days.

In fact, she herself resisted a friendship with Mills at that time because she thought he was a “fucking wanker”.

Because of Mills’ and Shannon Noll’s antics during season one of Idol, season two — Rusciano’s season — contestants weren’t allowed to attend events as a group. “There were whispers of an orgy,” Rusciano accused.

“Cocaine’s a hell of a drug… I was 21,” Mills told her.

In the very candid chat, he spoke openly about various things, such as his cocaine-fuelled Hilton-era partying, his work on stage and his fluid sexuality.

“Are you a little bit gay?” Rusciano asked Mills.

“Just a little bit.”

Rob MIlls and Em Rusciano are old mates. Image via Instagram.

“Are you willing to admit that on this podcast?” she questioned.

Of his sexual fluidity, Mills said: “Yeah, absolutely. I’ve never denied any rumours or innuendo.”

“In your endo,” Rusciano responded, with great maturity and wit.


He won’t go as far as to call himself bisexual, but says he just “loves people”.

rob and anthony
The mid-noughts were just an awful time for style, especially for Anthony Callea and Rob Mills… Image via Getty.

The pair went on to discuss Mills’ career in musical theatre. He’s most recently been cast in the role of Patrick Swayze in the new production of Ghost.

So, yada, yada, he’s really talented or something. Finally, Mills and Rusciano get on to what we really want to know: how it went down with P. Hilton.

He was at an Idol after-party. He saw Paris Hilton wearing “about eight square inches of clothing”. She told him, “You’re cute.”

He got her a drink. He did some cocaine. They went to the after-after party at Osher Gunsberg’s. Next, they go to Hilton’s hotel. The Hilton? They don’t have sex but they do “other stuff”. Her vagina is “top five”.


Watch Mills discussing his new show Ghost… Post continues after video.

Video by 97.3fm Brisbane

Since Mills is just a kid from Glen Waverley, the next morning in the light of day he was taken with the view of Sydney Harbour from Hilton’s hotel room, so he stepped out onto the balcony for a better look.

That’s when the infamous picture that sealed his fate was taken.

Hilton clearly wasn’t too bothered. The two spent the next two weeks together. In fact, he was with her when news of her sex-tape broke. Her lawyer emailed it to her, and they watched it together. She was “pretty upset”.

The following year, Hilton came back to Australia and they hooked up again — he even took her to his stepmum’s house in Box Hill.

The relationship ended because “she’s not that interesting”.

I guess so far there’s only a “top five” vagina that can get you.

Next year, Em Rusciano is bringing her brand new comedy show “Not a Diva” to cities all around Australia. For details, head to her Facebook page (and like it while you’re there!)