Rob Kardashian just deleted all photos of Blac Chyna and unfollowed her on social media.

Something is going down in the Rob Kardashian/Blac Chyna household.

While things appeared to be going swimmingly for the couple – who announced their engagement in April, and also that they were expecting their first child – but now, Rob has thrown a spanner in the works.

The 29-year-old has deleted every single photo from his Instagram account, including all evidence of his relationship with Blac Chyna. He’s also unfollowed her.

What. The.

Ohhhhhh Roberttttttt ❤️???????? @robkardashian

A photo posted by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) on Jun 28, 2016 at 12:37am PDT

Blac has also been noticeably absent from Instagram, posting her latest photo two weeks ago.

Watch our explainer on the Kardashian sisters vs. Blac Chyna feud below. Post continues after video. 


Rumours (aka #gossipers) say that the pair have split after Rob found “suspicious messages” on his fiancée’s phone.

Of course, neither party has made any statement on the Instagram purge, so there’s no official word on what is really going on. Maybe everything is fine.

Maybe Rob looked at his Instagram profile and thought ‘O-M-G there is no clear theme here and none of my pictures are very good’ (don’t say you haven’t been there) and wanted to start fresh.

The pair are currently filming their own spin-off reality show, Rob & Chyna, which is due to debut later this year.

Their relationship hasn’t been without drama already, with Rob’s family angry at the way they found out about his engagement.

Here’s what happened when Kris Jenner found out about Rob’s engagement.

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