The best Logies speech of the night was the one everybody missed.

The speech everyone is talking about at the 59th Annual TV Week Logie Awards is the wrong one.

Viewers are unpicking the unusual behaviour of veteran actor Molly Meldrum during the Gold Logie presentation, while the real hero of the night goes unsung.

Actor Rob Collins delivered a beautiful speech after winning the Logie Award for Best New Talent for his roles in The Wrong Girl and Cleverman. But Collins’ award wasn’t presented as part of the live broadcast.

Laura Brodnik, Holly Wainwright and Monique Bowley discus the biggest moments from Logies night, including what you didn’t see on camera. 

The live broadcast showcased awards such as Best Actor, Best Actress and The Gold Logie in favour of Best New Talent.

Collins’ award was recorded and shown later, denying him the opportunity of being played during the best possible time slot. It may seem small, but this shunting dilutes the gravity of what is a commendable win in every respect.

The Darwin actor boasts a story of success almost as impressive as his talent. Collins only began studying acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in 2011.

He was cast as Mufasa in the Australian production of The Lion King just two years later.

Collins thanked his children, mother and wife. (Source: Channel 9.)

Collins began his speech with a heartfelt thanks to all those involved in the production of the two shows that earned him the award.

“The last 18 months have been a really steep learning curve for me, and I thank everyone that nurtured me and supported me,” he said.

Collins went on to thank his wife, whose absence was presumably the result of watching over their youngest child in a nearby hotel.

“And last but certainly not least, to my long suffering family, to my beautiful wife Laetitia for keeping vigil in the hotel room … I can’t wait to share this with you," he said.

Collins was accepted into prestigious acting school NIDA at age 30. (Source: Channel 9.)

But the real magic moment of his speech was when he thanked his family in the Tiwi Islands using an Indigenous language.

It is shamefully rare that an Indigenous Australian wins a top award for entertainment talent; and almost equally as rare to hear an Indigenous language broadcast during prime time.

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