That’s 80 babies too many.

That’s 80 babies too many.

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), sometimes referred to as ‘cot death’ is the sudden, unexplained death of an infant that is not predicted by medical history.

The cause of SIDS is currently unknown but some characteristics associated with higher SIDS risk have been identified, such as exposure to tobacco smoke, frontal sleeping (baby slept on their tummy) and lack of ventilation. As such, there has been great progress over the past few decades on educating parents about how to reduce SIDS risks. Although there has been a reduction in SIDS cases, we are still losing over 80+ babies a year in Australia.

That’s 80 babies too many.

We also know that so many SIDS families have followed all the guidelines for safe sleep and this tragic event has still taken place. For the family of a SIDS victim, the unexplained nature of the death is beyond heartbreaking. The unanswered questions exacerbate and prolong the grief.

River’s Gift was established with a focused determination of two parents searching for answers following the death of their son, River to SIDS in 2011. It has now developed into a movement, with thousands of supporters and a dedicated research partnership that is committed to finding a cure. River’s Gift is now the biggest non government funded SIDS research organisation in Australia.

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