This new Netflix show has shaped your life and you didn't even realise it.


Remember Archie Comics? Well, the clean-cut comic has been given a sexy modern makeover.

One that’s forcing us to re-consider everything we knew about the lives of Archie and his friends in the seemingly sleepy town of Riverdale.

Riverdale is the latest gift from streaming service Netflix, having dropped on January 27. And from what we’ve seen so far, it well-and-truly stands alone as a series.

For anyone who read Archie as a kid however, the release of Riverdale means a whole lot more.

Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk explain why the world is so obsessed with Riverdale on The Binge.

You see, Archie depicted the adventurous escapades of a teenage group of friends as they navigated growing up in the quiet town of Riverdale. Think high-school drama, twisted romance, jocks and cheerleaders.

But in Riverdale, we take a far more subversive deep-dive into their sleepy suburb. And the sinister undercurrent bubbling behind the facade.

“It’s definitely the darker side of Riverdale”, says Tiffany Dunk on this week’s episode of The Binge. “There’s a dark secret and there’s been a murder and who is involved… I’m curious to see where it goes.”

“It’s that whole thing of a picture perfect town, with teenagers trying to figure out who they are… but then there’s also murder and death and lies and having to sort of ‘battle’ against the adults”, The Binge host Laura Brodnik agrees.


As far as teen dramas go “It’s been called Twin Peaks meets Gossip Girl, but it’s so much more.”

"In Riverdale, we take a far more subversive deep-dive into their sleepy suburb. And the sinister undercurrent bubbling behind the facade." via YouTube.

Luke Perry, of 90210 fame, stars as Archie's father.

And, as if you needed further convincing, "Molly Ringwald is going to play his [Archie's] mum... when she finally arrives."

It's not all breezy though. The show does have a some controversial talking points.

"The teenagers look like they're about 25, and speak with literary references you know teenagers don't use... there's the whole affair with a teacher which I find so problematic. Why does every teen drama have someone having sex with a teacher and it's totes okay?"

Laura Brodnik, however, can't see it becoming the standard student-teacher relationship we've seen depicted in past teen dramas: "I feel like maybe this one isn't going to be that 'picture perfect' love. I think it's going to go off the rails."

KJ Apa starrs as Archie in 'Riverdale'. via Netflix.

Regardless of talking points, The Binge hosts agree: "I will watch the absolute crap out of anything marketed for teenagers... I love me a teen drama. I feel like my inner 15-year-old never left me."

We can't wait to find out where this one goes.

New episodes of Riverdale are dropping every Friday on Netflix. You can already watch Episodes 1 and 2, here.

Everything you need to know about the biggest moments in TV right now are on this week's episode of The Binge. You can listen below.