Frockwatch: Rita Ora wore a red carpet on the red carpet.



Rita Ora just wore a red carpet on the red carpet, thus proving herself to be a fashion genius.

Her bright red snuggie-towel hybrid is not a fashion misstep, but actually the perfect festive outfit to wear during winter in the Northern hemisphere.


Make your own judgements, but I think it’s clever. Not only are you toasty and warm, but you can carb and turkey load without fear of busting out of your dress. It’s kind of like the best thing to wear when it’s freezing outside and you’re starting to regret accepting that invitation.

As for other fashion news this week, Kate Middleton shocked the world by – gasp! – wearing a hoodie and Brad and Ange’s five–year-old daughter, Shiloh, did the same by wearing a suit. From what I can gather, Shiloh’s suit appears to be newsworthy because she does not in fact have a penis.

Who gets your vote for best dressed?