What would you risk if you thought your child was in danger?

What would you do if you thought your child was being abused by someone in your own home?

As a parent your first thought would be to remove them from the situation, however a mother who took matters into her own hands is now facing prison.

An Aussie mum who absconded with her child from Australia to Europe has been found guilty of taking the child out of the country without permission. The woman , who cannot be named, was arrested in Europe and extradited back to Australia.

She and her son had been missing for three years. The child has now been reintroduced to his estranged father. Meantime this distraught mother doesn’t known when she will see her son again.

The penalties for abducting a child during a custody dispute are harsh. Why would she take such a risk?

She claims she took her son in 2008 because she thought he was being sexually abused by his father, but this has never been proven. The Daily Telegraph reports the mother became suspicious when she arrived home from a business trip and her child told her, “Daddy was unkind to me.”

She says she thought her boy was in danger and stands by her decision to run but why didn’t she call the police?

Just days before she and her son disappeared a child psychiatrist who had assessed both father and son said they couldn’t conclude sexual abuse was taking place.

The father claims the real reason she ran was because he had told her he didn’t want a second child. He took the stand at the trial and told her, “I will resent you for the rest of my life”.

The mother will be sentenced this week.

What would you do if you thought your child was in danger?