The Find: The $18.95 pharmacy foundation that rivals the high end options.

They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. That’s exactly how I feel about my favourite foundation, the Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation.

Being the slightly forgetful busy person that I am, I failed to act when I first noticed there was just a few pumps left in the bottle. Two days later I paid the price, with barely enough left to cover that lurking pimple on my chin.

You know a foundation is good when you panic at the sight of its empty bottle. Forget dropping $60 or more on foundation that lasts for less time than an awkward Tinder crush, at $18.95, the Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation is the budget option that beats out all its high end competitors.

For me, it ticks all the boxes.


True foundation love. Image: Supplied.

1. Dry skin approved.

With my dry T-zone, I often find foundation sticking and looking flaky around my nose and forehead. The '24 hour moisture' hydrating formula works wonders.

(Watch: The common foundation mistakes to avoid. Post continues after video.)

Its consistency isn't too watery but isn't too thick either, which means it applies evenly over my dry areas. Most importantly it lasts. All day. To be fair, I nearly always use primer, but even so I never need touch ups.

That said, I have heard complaints about using it on oily skin, so it's always worthwhile to patch test or even request a sample before committing to a full bottle if you're not sure.  (Post continues after gallery.)

2. Foolproof to apply.

I try to always apply with a beauty blender or sponge to give the natural, slightly dewy finish that I favour, but I can confirm you'll get an equally good finish applying in 30 seconds with your fingers when you're in a rush.

3. Buildable coverage.

I used to think I needed a 'day' and 'night' foundation, until I tried this one. One pump is enough for an everyday natural looking coverage, while two to three on top of primer will give you high coverage that leaves your skin looking flawless and healthy without being caked on.


Daytime: Wearing just the foundation (no primer) in natural day light. Image: Supplied

4. Hello, glow.

It's a relatively matte formula but gives a slight touch of luminosity. Great for those who are fans of that beautiful dewy glow.

5. It's budget friendly.

At $18.95 it works hard, with coverage, dewiness and lasting power that rivals many others that sit at a much higher price point. (PSA - it's also currently on sale at Priceline for less than $14. Go, go, go!).

7. SPF.

With the inclusion of SPF 20, this is an ideal summer foundation.


Nighttime: It also provides a fuller coverage with around three pumps. Image: Supplied.

6. Shade range.

Unfortunately like many foundations on the market in Australia, the range of darker shades leave a lot to be desired. However if you're on the paler side of things (hello from Miss Porcelain Ivory) you're sure to finally found one that actually matches your skin tone. I'm quite pink-toned and find #100 Ivory to be an exact match.

Despite a recent formula change (I think it's a minimal difference if not improvement), almost four years on from our first meeting, we're still going strong. You could say we're a perfect match. Sorry, had to.

Do you rate it? If not, what's your favourite budget foundation?