Where does a party-hard pop princess live? Here.

The $7million mansion where Rihanna hangs her hat(s).

When you’re one of the most famous singers in the world, you can be sure to have a lifestyle that matches the A-list status. For Rihanna, a mansion in the Hollywood Hills isn’t too shabby.

Considering she’s worth an estimated $90 mill, living in a $7 mill mansion is all but pocket money for Rihanna. Maybe this is why she hasn’t committed to a buy and is renting the property for $60,000 a month instead.

Rihanna opted for a change in scenery from her huge estate in nearly Pacific Palisades after she was targeted by stalkers. Security has been bumped up in her new home, which also has eight bedrooms and twelve bathrooms. Not to mention a cinema room with bar, sauna and huge outdoor pool. Just what every starlet needs.

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